This day marks the beginning of Peacful Mind foundation in Africa honouring Hon Linah Jebii Kilimo with Late Shri RK Kapur award 2016 in Kenya ! Media, students, faculty all graced the occasion. Peacful Mind will be the most powerful institutions in world for mental health advocacy ! I promise. amen
– by Hon Linah


Peacful Mind appoints the country director to Hon Linah Jeibbi kilimo , the lady who was an MP for 10 years and 5 years a cabinet Minister in Kenya , who herself is  passionate about mental health and the Mother of Kenya as she is called here. We as PMFians are proud to have her.


Discussion on promotion of Mental Health with Political Leaders and University lecturers in Nairobi

Lecture on mood disorders at Daystar University. so motivated batch, truly amazing

Now this is the difference, people are so motivated to know more about your passion in psychology

Small discussion at Kenya Methodist University



Lunch and meeting with Kenyan Psychological Association and others


Lecture and finalizing MOU with University of Nairobi


This is what Peacful Mind gets in international land, unexpected honor and privilege.

I am so thankful to Hon linha and entire Team of Peacful Mind


Amazing lecture on Psychometric testing at Daystar University

Chairing the session discussion on Celebrating the World mental health day in Kenya and MOU for PMF.

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