The Uncertainty and Mental Health

So much is happening around and too much information is pressing everyone’s #mentalhealth to an extent that people have developed a somewhat irrational fear.

We are seeing the listening, viewing everything everyday around us ( schools getting closed, gatherings cancelled, restaurants and theatres shut etc) , that background music in news keeps us haunting

We as humans have a tendency to think negative and feel it as in case of virus , overlooking the fact to the solution to the problem. Hardly we see people saying the DO’s rather we see all discussing the negative impact, shutdowns, news etc ( yes that’s important but not to the extent it’s effecting us)

The key here is to be logical and avoid stressing too much due to information overload.

The psychology of uncertainty causes major anxiety and fear in people being illogical and hence all have to leave there comfort zones.

Do basic Do’s and don’t panic it worsens the case

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