Enabling the mindset at all levels !

Embracing the evolution and transformation of mindset of people through mentorship and global collaboration, recognizing that we have a responsibility to uphold, encourage, accelerate and influence the mindset.

As we emerge into a transformational new world, which will be abundant with new possibilities and opportunities, it is essential that people transform their mindsets and thinking

One of the most important elements of success for everyone for the future is the ability to remain calm, resilient, positive and focused.

Peacful Mind Mentors recognizes the importance of transformation and adaptability. Our Mentors are the drivers of conversations which will enable every listener to step forward into this new future with confidence, knowledge, and with a healthy state of mind.Peacful Mind Mentors engage by delivering positivity, knowledge, peace and potential.

Our Mentors

HE Ameenah Gurib Fakeem

Former President of Mauritius

Ms Shana Wilson

Cover artist Time magazine

Noel A Ferguson

Chairperson- Institute of One World Leadership -UK

HE Rosalia Arteaga

Former President of Ecuador

HE Félix Ulloa

Vice President of El Salvador

Dr David Nabarro

President Andalusia National Assembly

HE Ivo Josipovic

Former President Croatia

Hon Dr Kiran Bedi

Lt Governor Puducherry - India

Hon Nora Berra

Former Minister of Health France

HE Jose Ramos- Horta

President of Timor -Leste

Ms. Ira Singhal - IAS

Deputy Commissioner, HQ, Divisional Commissioner Office, GNCTD

John H. Merril

Secretory of State, State of Alabama, USA

H.E. Anote Tong

Former President of Kiribati

Hon. Leona Marlin-Romeo

Former Prime Minister- Sint Maarten

Hon’rable Peter Mayen

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, South Sudan

HE Etienne Ys

Former Prime Minister, Curaçao

Hon'rable Dionisio da Costa Babo Soares

Former Minister, Foreign Affairs, East Timor

Hon. Gilberto De Barros

Former Secretary of state of Finance, CapeVerde

HE Anand Satyanand

Former Governor general - New Zealand

Winnie Kiiza

Member of Parliament for Kasese District Women Constituency, Uganda
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